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Affili-Fit, LLC


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About Us

AFFILI-FIT, LLC is a software company dedicated to simplifying healthy living. The perfect integration for company health and wellness programs.

Our software consist of a Meal Plan Generator, Training Studio, Automated Grocery Shopper and Active Pantry Tracking for the whole family.

The Meal Plan Generator supplies tasty meals with instructions specific to your caloric need, budget, prep time, allergies, and desired macronutrient split. Meal plan types are currently Not Picky, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Paleo!

In the Training Studio, you can follow video workouts at home, follow plans, or simply add and track your own workouts based on location and equipment available. To go a step further we added “Export Data” which allows you to export up to a weeks worth of calories consumed, macronutrient split, water intake and exercises performed to a trainer or accountability partner to better assist them in helping you reach your goals.

Lastly, we have our Automated Grocery Shopper and Active Pantry Tracking for the whole family. The Automated Grocery Shopper allows you to selectively order your meal plans groceries for pick-up or delivery. We also added two main Family Functions. The first is the Family Admin which allows you to send an invite to another family member and join your grocery list and pantry for easy ordering and pantry tracking for multiple users from a single app. The second is Add Extra which allows you to add an extra percentage to your groceries to account for children or other members in the household not on the application.